How to Write an Effective Research Paper


How to Write an Effective Research Paper

Research papers are considered as the Pillars of Scientific Community that must be laid out logically with constructive approach. An effective research paper contributes not only to new knowledge but also promotes the existing knowledge of its field along with progress on a confusion, dilemma, diseases, and disorders etc.

[quote]“We believe that a researcher must always bear in mind that the published papers are a permanent record of conducted research, and a researcher’s sole passport to scientific community…”[/quote]

Emphasizing the role of effective scientific writing of research papers, the Asian Council of Science Editors organized a workshop for early career researchers on “How to Write an Effective Research Paper” on November 20, 2019 at Asian Digital Library, Faisalabad, Pakistan. The workshop was conducted & facilitated by Dr. Ghulam Hussain from Asian Network for Scientific Information (ANSI) and Ms. Maryam Sayab, Professional Development Manger at The Asian Council of Scientific Editors (ACSE).

This workshop was designed specifically for early career researchers focusing on the basic aspects of scientific writing and ways to enhance the skill for writing an effective research paper. Starting with the brief introduction of attendees, the workshop facilitators explained not only the components of research paper and how to write them effectively but also highlighted the common errors of scientific writing, Do’s and Don’ts of research paper writing, impact and importance of Journal Selection to the writing process as well as to develop understanding of scientific writing in specific subject areas.

There was interesting discussions on real time cases, situations and problems that are faced by students during write-up, data collection, compiling information and analysis and most importantly when submitting the paper to the best fit journal.

The workshop ended up with an integrity quiz followed by discussion, Closing remarks & certificate distribution ceremony.


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