Workshop on “Effective Scientific Writing & Plagiarism”


Workshop on “Effective Scientific Writing & Plagiarism”

Asian Council of Science Editors (ACSE), one of the leading organizations of Asian Publishing Community, has conducted a workshop on “How to write an effective Research Paper & Ways to Detect & Deal with Plagiarism in Academic Writing” on December 20, 2019 at Asian Digital Library (ADL), Faisalabad, Pakistan.

This workshop is one of the initiatives of the Capacity Building Program of The Asian Council of Science Editors (ACSE), to educate the young and early career researchers and sharpen their skill set as would be experts of scientific communication in future. This workshop was facilitated by Mr. Muhamamd Sarwar, Secretary, the ACSE, Ms. Maryam Sayab, Professional Development Manager of the ACSE and Dr. Najma Iqbal, Associate Professor / Chairperson, Department of Psychology, University of Sargodha, Sargodha, Pakistan.

The Workshop focused the following aspects:

  1. Basics of Scientific Writing
  2. Components of a Research Paper and how to write effectively
    1. Title
    2. Introduction
    3. Methodology
    4. Results
    5. Discussion
    6. Conclusion
    7. References
    8. Author Contribution /Acknowledgment
  1. Things to do before writing a research paper
  2. Do’s and Don’ts of Scientific Writing
  3. Introduction to Research Misconducts
  4. Types of Research Misconducts
  5. Plagiarism, its Modern Types and Examples to Practice

This workshop was designed especially for Graduate, Postgraduates, Master level, M.Phil & PhD students as well as early career researchers and faculty members. Along with the above outlines of workshop, a sense of being loyal, honest and responsible in research was also delivered to the attendees. The session also includes a discussion session on real times problems and cases with their best appropriate solutions followed by an Integrity Quiz as workshop assessment.


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    Andrea Scribante 4 years ago

    It is Really a interesting venture.
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