Peer Review Week 2021


Peer Review Week 2021


September marks the start of Peer Review Week 2021, a global event celebrating the imperative role of peer review in ensuring quality & maintain trust in scholarly publishing. Get excited and mark your calendar for the upcoming Peer Review Week (PRW) dedicated to the theme “Identity”, which will be celebrated during 20-24th September 2021.

For the first time, this year’s theme has been officially chosen by the community via an open global survey,  that received a total of 381 responses, informed Danielle Padula, the Co-Chairs of this year’s Peer Review Week Steering Group, and a Marketing and Community Development Manager at Scholastica. The most popular choice remains.

With the upcoming PRW celebrations, there are loads of activities lined up from webinars to the latest buzz, conversations, and exchange of best resources on peer review, throughout the week, the discussions and events will explore the issues and challenges surrounding this fascinating theme. There will be virtual events, interviews, and social media activities, to raise awareness about identity and how personal and social identity affects peer review practices and experiences. This week will also highlight the components essential for a more diverse, equitable and include the peer review process, with special emphasis on “Workplace Equity”, gender and racial disparities in academia, approaches to peer review blindness and author identification, availability of a scholarship to the public before and after peer review and understanding identity through experiences.

The tradition of PRW started with a collaborated effort of ORCID, Sense About Science, Wiley, and ScienceOpen in the year 2015 from 28th of September to 2nd of October. This event brings together individuals, institutions, and organizations dedicated to the significance of the critical role of good peer review in scholarly communications. This year’s steering committee of PRW currently has more than 65 individuals from 35+ organizations, including scholarly societies, university libraries, publishers, vendors, funders, and more.

Like every year, ACSE will be celebrating Peer Review Week among its members, ambassadors, and industry peers while engaging everyone in scholarly conversations.

Here the discussion starts by raising the first question to the ACSE experts:

What do you think about the role of personal/social identity in fostering more equitable & diverse peer review?

Focusing the theme of this year’s Peer Review Week, we welcome all members, advisors, ambassadors of the ACSE to share their thoughts, opinions, and strategic procedure in this regard.

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