Welcome to your new Blog! President’s Message


Welcome to your new Blog! President’s Message

Dear ACSE Colleagues!

I welcome you all to another latest initiative of The ACSE, Trends in Scholarly Publishing; an official blog for editors and key publishing professionals of Asia. Along with an active discussion forum for the publishing community, Trends in Scholarly Publishing provides coverage of ACSE related activities, recent development in the Asian publishing industry, the work of member scientists, and issues and events of concern to the scholarly publishing community of Asia.

I am excited to share that our council has now become a motivating and interesting platform that welcomes all stakeholders of the Asian scientific publishing community and has marked its distinction as the largest not-for-profit organization in Asia for the scholarly publishing community.  For those who are new to ACSE, I would just give a brief overview about the council. ACSE is developed with a mission to provide a unified and active platform for Asian editors and scholars where they can better understand their editorial problems, learn about the solutions, and take up the future challenges to enhance the quality of scientific and scholarly publications in Asia.

While providing several learning and networking opportunities to its members since its establishment, ACSE has successfully engaged 4,500-plus scholarly editors and researchers. The council has been continuously promoting the best practices in scholarly publishing through its unique programs including but not limited to; Editors café, learning workshops, short courses and ACSE Annual Conference. Along with other educational opportunities, the ACSE has recently launched its Mentorship Program to nourish its members with up-to-dated knowledge. This program actively involves members of the ACSE for the purposes of professional development, information exchange, networking, personal growth, and career advancement. Our council has also established industrial partnerships and collaborations with many international recognized societies and associations working for the similar cause.

ACSE has also structured eight standing committees that are established for different operations, including; Asian publishing standards, education, networking, membership, communication, program, training, and mentorship. Please do make yourself known if you would like to get involved. There are opportunities to be part of a committee, to write or present or collaborate in the development of resources.

I am sure that you enjoy this blog and request to all our readers and members for key contribution in it with their unique articles and ideas. I would also appreciate your feedback, suggestions and opinions related to what you want to see up in this blog, as ACSE members or non-members.

Prof. A. E. Aboulata
Asian Council of Science Editors


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    Mohammad Husain 2 years ago

    Welcome and congratulations to both for joining ACSE.

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