Sustaining the Fight for DEIA in Scholarly Publishing


Sustaining the Fight for DEIA in Scholarly Publishing


The murder of George Floyd in 2020 sparked conversations about the need for systemic changes across all industries, including scholarly publishing. Companies made statements and created DEIA-based roles, policies, and programs to show they were listening. However, with the world returning to a busy state, concern has been minimized on a global scale.

Dianndra Roberts, a Senior Publishing Coordinator for the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych), in her recent blog post in the Scholarly Kitchen, discusses the lack of progress in achieving diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in industries such as scholarly publishing, despite the attention brought to systemic racism and police brutality in 2020. she expresses disappointment in the lack of outrage and action following the recent death of Keenan Anderson and questions the effectiveness of the initiatives and policies created in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

She stressed on the need for continued effort and action toward creating real change, beyond token gestures and performative allyship. This includes utilizing DEIA roles and committees, incorporating DEIA into all aspects of an industry, and prioritizing lived experiences. The author also calls for allyship and support from those with platforms, urging them to share their platforms and lift the voices of marginalized individuals.

The article concludes with a reminder that change is a continuous process that requires sustained effort, and that it can be exhausting for those who are marginalized. The author encourages individuals to protect their peace and rest when needed while continuing to do the important work of dismantling systemic injustice. She urges those with platforms to use them to raise awareness of disparities and lift the voices of lived experience. Finally, they acknowledge the exhausting nature of this work and encourage individuals to protect their peace and rest when needed.


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