5th Peer Review Week: An Expert’s Closure by ACSE & EASE


5th Peer Review Week: An Expert’s Closure by ACSE & EASE

Peer Review is the heart of Scholarly Communications and we believe that “every research must survive the scrutiny of experts before it’s disseminated to the scientific community” fulfilling both the scientific and pedagogical requirements.

Emphasizing the “Quality in Reviews” the 5th Peer Review week (PRW)  was been celebrated all around the world from 16-20th September, 2019 with intensive & diversified engaging discussions, arguments, field innovations over the possible ways to ensure quality in Peer Reviews.

Along with other sister organizations Asian Council of Science Editors has also participated actively during the 5th Peer Review Week, playing its role in spreading awareness and facilitating Quality in Review in Asia scholarly community. A key achievement of this year’s Peer Review Week is the ACSE’s effort to bind the summary of events, initiatives, community efforts, tools and contribution from all around the globe with EASE.

This combined effort as an Editorial entitled “5th Peer Review Week: Perspectives from European Association of Science Editors and the Asian Council of Science Editors” is recently published in European Science Editing Journal. This Editorial not only highlights the importance of Peer Review in scholarly communication, but also emphasizes the possible ways, procedures and tools helping editors to ensure Quality in Peer Review as well as its impact on scholarly community.

If you are new to Peer Review Week or a regular contributor, you will surely enjoy reading the big achievements & contributions of this year’s Peer Review Week.

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