TrendMD: Welcome to the Team


TrendMD: Welcome to the Team


We are happy to announce that TrendMD has recently joined our council as one of our corporate members.

TrendMD is recognized globally as a content recommendation engine, IT Services, and consultancy that grows readership, increases visibility, and drives citations; being committed to higher standards they are leading the way for our industry globally.

By collaborating strategically, both TrendMD & ACSE aim to reinforce their positions as front-runners in advancing and facilitating Asian publishing, while providing a unified & leading marketing tool to equip Asian society publishers and editors with the latest industry knowledge which enable them to face the existing and future challenges of scholarly publications, in line with the goals of ACSE.

About TrendMD

TrendMD is a content recommendation engine for scholarly publishers, which powers personalized recommendations for thousands of sites across its global network. It provides personalized “related article” recommendations to visitors looking for peer-reviewed content, using a sophisticated algorithm that is built on an individual profile of each reader and rich related content in the TrendMD network. Ithelpshundreds of publishers to build their readership, increase citations, and maximize impact by matching the right content with the right reader at the right time. Over 102 million unique visitors see TrendMD-recommended content on more than 6,000 websites in the network.

With this collaboration ACSE will strive to fulfill the mission of TrendMD to reduce the time between breakthrough scientific discoveries and the wide acceptance of those findings, boosting the pace of human innovation, and bringing great benefits to publishers all over the Asian region.


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