6th Peer Review Week | 2020


6th Peer Review Week | 2020

We are excited to share that Steering Committee of Peer Review Week 2020 has announced this year’s theme –Trust – which will take place as usual during the third week of September, from 21st -25th.

As Peer Review Week is a virtual affair and involves webinars and online discussions and other events, so even in COVID-19 pandemics we can still count on Peer Review Week 2020.

To celebrate Peer Review Week officially, ACSE will be coming up with one question at a time to be answered and discussed among its members and accordingly will summarize the conclusions during the Peer Review Week.

Question No 1: What does Trust in Peer Review mean to you?

Considering the theme of Peer Review Week, We warmly welcome all of the members, advisors, and ambassadors of the ACSE to join us in preparation & celebration of Peer Review Week 2020 and share their views, thoughts, strategic procedure & opinions in this regard.


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