Express your interest in serving on the ACSE Board


Express your interest in serving on the ACSE Board

The Asian Council of Science Editors has recently decided to make an efficient move in regards to improvise the publishing standards and practices in Asia. The council is now developing an Advisory Cabinet in which Regional Representatives from different parts of Asia will be invited and given an opportunity to bring the regional publishing and editorial issues to the main board of the council. The team will be considered as Advisers to the board members and will work hand on hands with them to develop strategic improvement plan for each region in terms of scholarly and scientific publishing.

The purpose to develop this Advisory Cabinet is to get an idea about the latest updates and publishing  standards which are being practiced in different regions while keeping an eye on the issues which editors and publishers are suffering in that region. With that information, as a council ACSE will strive to provide best possible solutions for ongoing publishing issues in any specific region and acknowledge the best practices which are being followed in that region.

Ideal candidates for Regional Representatives will include dedicated individuals with the dynamic and comprehensive knowledge about their region’s publishing practices and issues. The eligibility criteria, application requirement and benefits to join the Cabinet are defined below:

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicant must have comprehensive information about Scholarly Publishing practices in their region.
  2. Only active communicating members are eligible for this post
  3. Applicant must have 2-3 publications related to publishing industry and best practices.
  4. A renowned professional and social profile in academic circle will be preferred
  5. Applicant must have fluent command in English Language
  6. At least two digital Identifiers (ORCID, Researcher ID, Scopus ID etc) must to submit with the application form.

What to submit:

  1. A precise cover letter of interest for joining the position of Regional Representative in Advisory Cabinet.
  2. A proposed strategic plan for their region which can help to establish best publishing practices in the region
  3. Updated Curriculum Vita, with list of publications
  4. List of National & International Events attended and what was the applicant’s contribution
  5. List of Achievements and awards till now

Role & Responsibilities of Advisory Cabinet

  1. Serve as key representatives of scholarly publishing community from different regions of Asia
  2. Help broaden an understanding of the council’s operations at regional level
  3. Communicate the cabinet regularly about the editorial or publishing issues which professionals in the community are suffering specifically
  4. Provide “wise counsel” on issues raised by Asian publishing community including the submitted cases to council as a “sounding advisory cabinet”
  5. Provide unbiased strategic plans and ideas from the local point-of-view while considering the regional needs towards development of the Asian scientific publishing community
  6. Encourage and support the exploration of new community ideas that can generate any opportunity for council or council members.
  7. Initiate challenges to the other advisory directors and management that could bring more learning opportunities for Asian publishing community.
  8. Attend the ACSE Annual Conference and discuss the yearly strategic plans of working
  9. Organize awareness campaigns on behalf of the ACSE at regional level, to help raise the scholarly publishing industry of Asia
  10. Bring into play the blog of the ACSE to connect different regional dots to international scholarly publishing ecosystem
  11. Introduce or recommend new and potential profiles as members & ambassadors of the ACSE


  1. Life time membership of The ACSE (Free)
  2. Opportunity to work in different committees
  3. 20% discount on Short Courses offered by the ACSE
  4. Partial financial support for organizing regional events on behalf of the ACSE
  5. 30% registration discount to attend The ACSE Annual Conference
  6. Public endorsement of your activities and achievements
  7. Philanthropic Support from ACSE in promoting your institutional research activities and events
  8. Advice and expert’s guidance on latest developments and practical help provided for publishing issue(s)

The deadline for expressions is 31st May 2019.

Please submit your expression of interest or reply to me with any questions at This is your organization and you have the opportunity to help guide your organization!


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